Beer Haiku Friday and Beervana Blogs

It is a busy time for beer tastings at the moment so this Haiku seemed particularly apt. It is called “Flavor“:

That sublime moment
When someone realizes
Beer’s about flavor

Beervana is over for another year but already the planning for 2010 has begun (seriously, the first meeting was this week). It seems timely, well – overdue really – to have a look at what some of the blogs had to say.

I always enjoy Kate Blackhurst’s perspective over at Kate’s Blog. She has done two posts titled “Beervana Tasting Notes Part One” and “Beervana 2009 Tasting Notes Part Two“:

We hear that Epic have sold out of their Armageddon IPA anyway. When we mention this to another brewer, however, he just laughs that is exactly the sort of rumour Luke would put about to create more demand. There’s still some on at The Malthouse anyway and we have a couple of pints later, although we swore we would go straight home after the festival this time.

Over at Brewaucracy, Greig channels his Hamilton roots with a post titled “Smells Like Beervana 2009“:

As Alex will testify, it did lead to a few problems. I’d go looking for a beer, run into a friend, spend 10 minutes talking, then realise what I was supposed to be doing. I’d get back from my sortie to a missing wife, having given up waiting for me and my mouth, and gone searching for beer of her own. Never mind, it was all great fun.

Over at Public Address, Hadyn Green gave his Field Theory on Beervana in “No Draught In Here“:

Brewer Matt Thomson said that they were surprised they had won because they had been (like the Speight’s brewer) concentrating on other beers. I noted to Matt that it was a very malty flavoured beer; he said that it was because of tea-bagging. I caught the spit-take before it happened.

Naturally tea-bagging is the process of planting a muslin bag filled with crushed malt into the boil near the end of the process which creates a stronger malty flavour. It is not anything dirty.

Glass Tip – Those excellent chaps at Beer Haiku Daily

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