Lion prepares to turn on new taps

The 16.7ha East Tamaki site on Ormiston Rd in South Auckland is the location of Lion’s new $250 million property base to replace its Newmarket home.

The development is known to staff as both Project Century, in reference to the manufacturing and warehousing property’s projected life span of about 100 years, or The Pride.

Energy use and greenhouse gas emissions will be cut by 10 per cent once the move is completed. Rainwater will be harvested from the roofs of the East Tamaki site, flow into storage tanks and be re-used for toilet flushing and irrigating gardens.

“It won’t be used to make beer,” Read said.

Lion Nathan’s new plant has:
* New buildings: More than 5ha.
* Earthworks: 180,000 cubic metres.
* Pipelines: 15km laid, 1.5km to go.
* Concrete: 8500 cubic metres complete, 5500 to go.
* 2500 tonnes used on site.
* Recycled glass: 2100 cubic metres or 3.5 tonnes.

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