Monteith’s eyes cider market

Brewer Monteith’s is turning its hand from hops to fermented apples as it looks to tap into New Zealand’s growing $4.5 million cider market.

The DB Breweries-owned West Coast brewery expects to have its 100 per cent pure New Zealand sourced Crushed Apple Cider on tap and in bottles in bars nationwide from September.

Kiwis are keen on natural products that have a great taste – not products made from concentrates.

“Specifically, people are looking for a premium cider and we have been developing a 100 per cent New Zealand apple sourced cider to meet this growing consumer demand,” said Mr Browne.

Monteith’s 4.5 per cent alcohol by volume (ABV) offering will also be available from supermarkets and liquor stores with a recommended retail price of $14.99 per four pack.

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