Beer, Politics and a Haiku

Today’s Haiku sets out to fix the world’s problems. It is called “seeking solutions”:

With no solution
After sober discussion
They ordered some beers

From the Malthouse blog, an expose on what beers our politicans like to drink, including a beer which claims to be the Prime Minister’s favourite, and a look at the range from Bath Ales. The title of the post is “beer and politics do mix“:

Hon Mahara Okeroa, then Labour member for Te Tai Tonga, was the only politician approached who never replied. It’s been two years now and hopes of receiving an answer are fading fast. His Cabinet colleague Hon Annette King could find the time as Police Minister to select “ginger beer” as her pick but Mr Okeroa’s role as a “Minister of State” apparently precluded a reply. In unrelated news, Annette King was returned to Parliament in 2008 and is now Deputy Leader of the Labour Party. Mahara Okeroa was defeated and currently has four supporters on his Facebook page.

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