Beer Haiku Friday and Hallertau’s Hopping Good Beers

Today’s beer haiku makes a lot of sense. It is called “Story Teller“: The

sounds of laughter
Are an excellent soundtrack
To my beer soaked yarns

From the Malthouse blog, “Hallertau’s Hopping Good Beers” has a look at the Hallertau range and their self-described sensual brewer:

The Saison is a memorable beer but it is indeed now just a memory as it has run out and been replaced by Hallertau Statesman, a 5.3% Pale Ale with a robust 37 IBUs. The Sensual Brewer believes that drinkers will exclaim “hops galore” on first sup. While this exact reaction is unlikely but possible, Statesman is a well balanced Pale Ale with a balance of clean, sweet malt and floral hops. Attempting to expand the beer lexicon, Stephen says the beer is “both zesty and tangy, indeed, we reckon you’ll find it uniquely ‘zangy’.”

Glass Tip – Beer Haiku Daily

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