The Epic Journey Has Begun

Epic and the Malthouse have conspired to put Epic Armageddon in oak barrels on board the interisland ferry for six weeks. The barrels are named Pete (after Pete Brown whose Hops and Glory book inspired this lunacy) and Melissa (after Melissa Cole, a British Beer Writer). This news has reached Melissa and she blogs her response in a post titled “Does my bum look big in this barrel“:

[Luke and Colin] went back to New Zealand, we did the Facebook thing to stay in contact and I didn’t think much more about it – until a tagged photo of a barrel appeared with my name on it on Colin’s page, which I found a little odd/slightly insulting! So, a faux-indignant enquiry was made and I got back a very cryptic ‘you’ll have to wait and see’ response – worst thing ever to say to a nosey journalist.

Unfortunately, my attempts to get more information out of Luke yielded even less fruit, which was even more frustrating – particularly when Tweets started appearing saying things like ‘just filling Melissa’ [see action photo] which, I must say, came as a surprise to me!

Melissa’s blog, “Taking the beard out of beer” is well worth a read.

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