1000th Beer Blog Post – RealBeer.co.nz

So here it is the 1000th blog post for RealBeer.co.nz

This beer blog was started 15th March 2005 out of necessity due to the email newsletter Sparging getting more and more frequently blocked by SPAM filters.

Thanks to the handful of contributor to the blog, including Greig McGill and especially Neil “Haiku” Miller.

This milestone is a natural place to announce the new website in development (Version 4 of RealBeer.co.nz). It isn’t quiet ready for mainstream release but you can check it out at http://beta.realbeer.co.nz

The new site is redesigned to give users easier access to the information they are looking for in the RealBeer.co.nz website.

You are able to add comments on each page to give feedback about breweries, brewpubs, bars, pubs, bottle shops and supermarkets that are selling good beer.

Let me know what you think.

Luke Nicholas

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