Beer Haiku Friday –

Today’s Beer Haiku sums exactly how I feel about playing golf. It is simply called “3-iron“:

I don’t want to talk
About why my club is bent
Just pass me a beer

News has reached the Secret Headquarter of Real Beer New Zealand that a selection of Brew Dog beers are currently on the ocean heading for our shores. Brew Dog is an amazing Scottish micro-brew which not only makes great beer but has a fearless, irreverant attitude. You can spend hours laughing away on their website. I particularly enjoyed their response to the Portman Group’s criticism of their bottle labels:

If I wanted to encourage anti-social behaviour my labels would state: Step 1: Drink bottle of Punk IPA

Step 2: Blow up a goose with a foot pump and use it as a Harmonica to play various Celine Dion hits.

Glass Tips – Beer Haiku Daily and Colin the Handsome Scotsman

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