Unpasteurised cheeses a step closer in NZ

Former beer baron Douglas Myers – currently resident in England, where he can snack on all the unpasteurised cheeses his $705 million fortune can buy – may soon find home a more palatable country.

Before he quit New Zealand, the former Lion Nation boss unsuccessfully fought bureaucrats over requirements for cheeses to only be made from pasteurised milk, saying raw milk cheese tasted better.

Now, a decade or so later, the nation’s food safety experts look like rolling over on the issue and allowing the sale of some locally-made unpasteurised milk cheeses.

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One thought on “Unpasteurised cheeses a step closer in NZ”

  1. Lion Nation? That’s a terrifying thought. I guess it could be worse – DB Nation! Unless of course, it’s a veiled reference to some kind of upcoming Bob Marley revival?

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