Lion Nathan warns of beer price rises

Brewer Lion Nathan is warning further price rises are likely this year to recover significant historic cost increases.

Reporting its half-year results today, the Australian-based company said a price increase in this country in March would only alleviate some of the cost pressures and partially restore beer margins.

Beer raw material costs, particularly aluminium, sugar, barley, glass, and energy, had risen significantly in recent years and well ahead of the consumer price index, Lion Nathan said.

The reasons for further price rises included the impact of exchange rate movements on foreign-priced input costs.

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2 thoughts on “Lion Nathan warns of beer price rises”

  1. Economy goes up…food & drink prices rise, Economy goes down…food & drink prices rise. I only buy mainstream stuff of reasonable quality (Mac's) when it's on special but thankfully between homebrew and craft beer, I actually have no need to buy it anymore.

    Best to get used crazy prices for imports now that our dollar has tanked…ordered something for another hobby of mine in December at around $80, arrived yesterday and they wanted $110!

    Vote with your feet and don't buy.

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