Beerly Writing – St George and St Greig

From the Malthouse blog, the latest post takes a look at England, Saint George, the Bottle of Britain, London Pride and Old Speckled Hen. It is called “A most quaffable ale, by George“:

In keeping with their famous reserve, English people traditionally tend to acknowledge Saint George’s Day rather than celebrate it. It is not a public holiday and, apart from a few parades and occasional happy hours, April 23 passes relatively uneventfully in the mother country. Saint George, who may not have even existed, certainly got around if he did. He is the patron saint of at least eight countries – including England, Ethiopia and Russia – and revered by diverse groups including butchers, soldiers, boy scouts, Freemasons and people with syphilis. Assuming he was a real historical figure, Saint George was certainly not English and it is possible he never even visited those green and pleasant lands.

Since I noted gently that Greig does in fact live in Hamiltron, he has done two excellent blog posts, achieved saturation media coverage and publicly attacked DB, The Herald and The Independent. I should become a motivational coach.

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