Small brewer scores epic festival effort

When it comes to success in the art of beer making, brand recognition can mean everything, so the significance of winning a slot at a British ale festival dubbed “the world’s biggest” is not lost on Kiwi brewer Luke Nicholas.

Over the next fortnight, the Poms will be sipping their way through 100,000 pints of multi-award-winning Epic Pale Ale after the 38-year-old was invited to showcase his brew at the International Real Ale Festival.

Epic’s founder and head brewer has landed one of only six international taps at the annual event hosted by British pub giant JD Wetherspoon which he says could provide the company with the springboard it needs to maximise its potential.

“The Wetherspoon chain has 720 pubs and my batch will be selling in all of them overnight that’s more than twice the number of outlets I can get into here,” Mr Nicholas said.

“Of course, it’s not just about selling the beer. It’s about seeking publicity, pursuing potential avenues, exploiting brand recognition and putting Epic on the map something that’s not easy back home.”

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