Anti-beer bias in the mainstream media?

Having been recently accused of being quiet due to living in Hamilton, I thought it was time I climbed up on my soapbox once more.

Yes, the Herald are at it again. At least this time they’re simply regurgitating an article from the Independent. Either way, it’s another example of the Herald continuing to paint beer as the devil in terms of alcohol. Wine, of course, gets all the good press, while beer is demonised.

Perhaps they could consider being part of the solution instead of part of the problem? How about providing a regular “Beer” section as well as wine? At the very least, how about discontinuing their policy of having shots of beer next to any story involving negative effects of alcohol? Beer lovers are not all booze hounds, any more than wine or whisky aficionados are all angry violent alcoholics.

They could follow the excellent example of the Marlborough Express, with Geoff Griggs’ regular columns, or the Waikato Times, featuring Bruce Holloway, and now Wellington’s Capital Times, featuring beer-o-phile and blogger Kieran Haslett-Moore.

Come on Herald. Get with the times. Beer has come of age, why can’t you?

One thought on “Anti-beer bias in the mainstream media?”

  1. Why is a New Zealand paper wasting our time printing a story about English drinkers anyway? If they want to tackle a story on problem drinking why not look in their own backyard and then look at who is really at fault, the big companies with their crappy Alcopops and watered down swill they call beer. Both of which they market to kids who do not have the maturity to drink responsibly to start with.

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