Beer Haiku Friday and Mayhem on the Dancefloor

Today’s post has a dancing theme with the Beer Haiku called “So what“:

I’m not a rock star
But beer makes me feel like one
So check my rock moves…

From the Malthouse blog, “Mayhem on the Dancefloor” discusses dancing, Paul Mercurio and Cooper’s Sparkling Ale.

Although Paul has appeared in seven movies and numerous television shows, I must confess to having seen only one of his performances before meeting him at Brew NZ – “The First Nine and a Half Weeks”, an ill-fated sequel to the racy “Nine and a Half Weeks” minus all the original stars. I watched this at age 17 and now have the unshakeable feeling that I have seen Paul with no pants on.

Glass Tip – Beer Haiku Daily, Mr Mallon at the Malthouse and Mr Mercurio on the Dance Floor

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