The Late Edition of Beer Haiku Friday and Pouring Beer the Traditional Way

To bring some belated class to this blog, here is a Haiku about Shakespeare and beer entitled “Sorry Bill“:

When suffering slings
To beer, or not to beer? Duh!
What a dumb question

Glass Tip – The good folks at Beer Haiku Daily

The latest installment on the Malthouse blog takes a look at Invercargill Pitch Black and “pouring beer the traditional way“:

New Zealand bars tend to serve their beer at a universally cold temperature as Kiwi drinkers largely expect them to. Our beer almost always has added carbon dioxide to increase the bubbles and, as a rule, New Zealand beer has tended to be on the sweet side by international standards. Customers from the Motherland have been known to frequently point out that even today our beer is too cold, has too much head and is “not like they make at home, by thunder.”

Glass Tip – The Handsome Scotsman Colin Mallon and the Malthouse blog

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