Beer Haiku Friday and Saving the World with Beer

Today’s haiku is from Captain Hops and makes a cogent plea for sensible economic policies towards a better world. It is called “Fair is Fair“:

Beer costs much more than
it did just a year ago.
I need a bailout.

Glass Tip: Beer Haiku Daily

Over at the Malthouse blog, the latest entry looks at creationism, Al Gore, environmental doom, recycling and Fair Maiden Pale Ale. It is titled “Saving the World with Beer“:

Predictions of the world’s imminent demise began about a week after the world was created. The exact date of creation was either millions and millions of years ago or 4004BC, probably around noon, depending on who you believe. Despite the fact that the planet has patently not been destroyed even once, end-of-the-world theories have been consistently popular.

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