The “Beer Necessities” Controversy

The annual “Beer Necessities” survey run by Wellington’s Capital Times generated a great deal of controversy on the Real Beer Forums. Editor Aaron Watson, who was one of the panel of the judges, has responded strongly in his latest column:

Perhaps the comment that saddened me the most was the suggestion craft brewers boycott the event in the future.

That is a petulant remark that is short-sighted on two levels.
Firstly, how could it help beer and brewers to remove from the public eye one of the few independent surveys – not a competition – of the state of the beer nation? Answer: not at all.

3 thoughts on “The “Beer Necessities” Controversy”

  1. That’s the problem though. It just doesn’t appear to be independent. I’ve responded to Aaron on the forum, and invited him to have the debate publicly. I find it disappointing that he, as a journalist, can criticise forum posters and we can’t as easily present our side of the debate.Oh well, I know he’s a decent guy, and I’d still drink a pint with him. I just wish he’d jumped on the forum himself and discussed the criticisms instead of using his exposure as a journo to shout the forum users down with no easy right of reply.

  2. That is the funny thing here, the right of reply is available on the forum, as (I would hop) people would investigate further.The opinion of forums members obviously weighs quite heavy on his mind, given a number of craftbrewers, and home brewers frequent the forums I believe there is an education to either be had or to provide.

  3. Either way, a debate would be nice, rather than just labelling we forum-ites “snobs”. As I posted there, I fail to see how it’s snobby to want to share good beer with people, or, in this case, to ensure that what is touted as independent actually IS.I’m not convinced that the majority of the print readership will jump on the forums to check out the other side of the debate. You’re correct though, technically it is available.Anyway, Aaron, if you read this, please have your say. We’re all beer lovers, we’re not grudge holders or haters. It’s because we care about beer so much that this situation has arisen.

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