Beerly Blogging on New Year’s Day

[Delay in appearing thanks entirely to Blogger time out issues…]

Former Mac’s head brewer Colin Paige continues to chronicle his Vietnam adventures with his latest post “Lost in Translation“:

Half the time you’ll still wonder what the hell the translation means.
However as we have been finding out… if you’ve had a particularly humourless day, it may well be worth perusing the “English” menu before making your order with the waiter from the locals’ menu.

From Pete Brown’s excellent blog (officially the second best beer blog in Britain), Pete takes a look back at the past year in a post modestly titled “2008: what the blazes was THAT about“:

Winner: Having a very exciting meeting with a development producer from ITV where we agreed in principle to develop an idea for a series that would see me going around Britain investigating different regional beer styles and stories. Then reading THE NEXT DAY the announcement that Oz Clarke and James May were filming the same idea.

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