A passion for drinking on the job

Mr Mallon, a softly spoken Scotsman, arrived in Wellington about five years ago and now manages The Malthouse in Courtenay Place.

“But my passion came from running a real ale bar in Edinburgh, which I did for a couple of years. It was eye opening to see that beer didn’t have to be as blonde and fizzy as a Budweiser.”

A beer revolution was hopping along in New Zealand, he said, even though beer sales had fallen in recent years. “Beer isn’t a growing market. However, the craft beer segment of the market is increasing. There are some fantastic products out there.”

Many boutique beers are designed to be matched with food but never suggest to Mr Mallon that they should be swilled.

“I hate it when people talk about beer and use the word swilling, which is never used to describe wine drinking.

“Beer seems to have the tag of being the poor relation to wine. I have made it my mission in life to try and convince people otherwise.”

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