Good Blogging Vietnam!

Beer blogging continues with the third installment of Colin Paige’s blog which is called “Saigon Diaries #3“:

Mot – Hai – Ba – Yoh! Is a cheer that can be heard a lot here in restaurants after about 2pm. It basically means 1 – 2 – 3 – Yoh! The Vietnamese way of saying cheers! At some excited tables somebody may cheer this every couple of minutes, however then everyone must stand up and down at least some of their beer. We often get asked to join in. We found out pretty quickly that it is bad form to beat a Vietnamese man in a beer downing race. As they loose face they will keep challenging you until they win! Which of course means that you have to let them win to get out.

The fourth post makes a bid for best beer blog title for 2008, “Beer and loathing in Da Nang“:

Back to Hoi An and I needed a beer. Luckily I had been put in touch with Guy, A scouser, who’s been out this way for 7 years and brother of a friend of mine from Wellington. The first thing that impressed me about Guy was his grasp of the Vietnamese language. With 7 tones, it isn’t easy. I usually think I am getting somewhere here and ask confidently in a restaurant for a bowl of fried noodles and vegetables. However, not having quite perfected the technique of swallowing my own tongue when speaking, I usually get strange looks, I have probably just said, “your mother is a hamster” or worse! As per a previous blog, Da is the word for ice. As I now know, if you don’t say it with the right tone, it can also mean “a kick in the ass”.

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