Beerly Blogging: Scottish beers and Booky

From the Malthouse blog, a post which talks about Saint Patrick, Colin the Handsome Scotsman and, eventually, two beers from Belhaven. It is called “Och aye the noo

After a introduction so long it would make Jeremy Clarkson blush, the next post profiles New Zealand’s most sessionable ale. This piece is modestly titled “the true power of Bookbinder“.

5 thoughts on “Beerly Blogging: Scottish beers and Booky”

  1. Fabulous posts – I love the Belhaven Twisted Thistle. If only I’d known Bernard Darton’s beer-drinking tastes before the election I might have changed my vote, although having checked out his policies maybe not. Then again, John Key didn’t even have any policies at all and it didn’t seem to do him any harm!Beer – it makes me hoppy!CheersKate

  2. Mate, for a beer writer you seem a bit out of touch.All my Bookbinder suppliers assure me it is only avail in 500ml btls now.The bottles are in many outlets from Akld to Dn. I’m in a hotel in Dn as I write. The bottles are more expensive in Dn than in Akld !So from $9.50 or so for 1.25l it’s now $6 plus for 500ml. That’s over 50% increase. An absolute outrage.Great beer but from now on I won’t buy (a) out of princple and (b) might as well buy something else for that price.An email to Emerson’s to confirm riggers not avail was never answered. No surprise there.Francis Payne

  3. Neil – Great reading. Keep it up. Would love to sit down with some Bookbinder and Full Sail’s Session. As far as using NZ ingredients goes, it can only improve Emerson’s brews. There’s nothing magical about US ingredients but I think there is with NZ hops – for example Sierra Nevada Southern Harvest. Maybe it’s time for Richard to invest in malt and hop opps? Say howdy to Jay for me. Bob brewer

  4. Thank you Kate.The full results of the beer poll in Wellington Central was quite interesting. Some stereotypes confirmed, some smashed.I don’t think we want to get started on politics here though!CheersNeil

  5. Cheers Bob – some good points there.Francis – because I wrote this post before heading to China well over a month ago, the comment about Booky not being bottled was accurate as far I could determine. I had heard rumours but nothing more.

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