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The latest post on the Malthouse blog is now up and is titled “All Hail Pale Ale“. It is a balanced look at why pale ales rule.

Of course, New Zealand’s most famous self-proclaimed East India Pale Ale is Tui. It is also on tap at the Malthouse if you absolutely insist. Now, there is no such style as East India Pale Ale and Tui is not an India Pale Ale. It is not a Pale Ale. It is not even an ale. It is a lager.

I was recently asked by Chef Martin Bosley what Tui had in common with real IPAs. My considered reply was “they are both liquids.”

Speaking of which, Martin Bosley’s restaurant has unveiled it’s new beer list. The chef became a real fan of craft beer after running beer and food matching session at this year’s Brew NZ. The craft beers on his list are:

Invercargill Biman
Three Boys Wheat
Tuatara Pilsner
Epic Pale Ale
Tuatara Ardennes
Pitch Black

You can read about Martin’s conversion to craft beer here.

2 thoughts on “Ale Files – The Beer is Out There”

  1. According to CAMRA’s History of India Pale Ale, East India Pale Ale did exist, and there are several recipes for this style (no different from IPA) included in this book.CheersIan Caig

  2. Thanks Ian. I was sure an English beer expert told me there was no such style but there is no arguing with CAMRA.Is there a West India Pale Ale(Tui Dark…)

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