Curry in a hurry by Martin Bosley

When you’re looking for a simple dish to accompany pale ale, it’s hard to go past curry.

I am not much of a beer drinker, preferring a glass of wine to accompany my food. So it was with some amusement and a degree of scepticism that I accepted an invitation from the organisers of BrewNZ, New Zealand’s international beer awards, to demonstrate the art of beer and food matching.

Previously, my experience with beer had been limited to the standard brands. So, starting my research with them, I discovered they had one thing in common: they were all wet. It was with pleasure, then, that I moved on to the handsome, locally produced, handcrafted regional beers, and made some interesting discoveries. Committed boutique beer drinkers are just as passionate and know-ledgeable about their subject as any wine connoisseur, and they’re happy to share that passion with you.

Beer, like wine, can either complement or contrast food. But beer has carbonation that cleans the palate between mouthfuls of food, rinsing away traces of fat and richness and leaving the tastebuds refreshed and ready to experience textures and flavours.

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