The Tuesday Two-Pack

The latest column from The Wellingtonian looks at “Great beer and fine dining”:

Award-winning chef Martin Bosley is the first to admit that he was totally surprised at the recent Beervana event. “Discovering beer and food matching was a real epiphany for me. It opened up new possibilities – a whole layer of taste and demand we had completely ignored for a long time. I was very sceptical at the beginning but the experience was a true eye-opener,” he explains.

A full report of last weeks beer tasting at the Fire Service:

Last week I ran a beer tasting session for 25 enthusiastic staff at the Fire Service social club. The theme was a little bit Oktoberfest so we had some German beers, some New Zealand beers made in German styles and some New Zealand beers made in non-German styles. The atmosphere was completed by plates of sausages, a little Bavarian beer music and a man splendidly bedecked in lederhosen.

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