Amber fluid in green bottles

Beer writer Neil Miller agrees.

“It is a simple but very effective marketing ploy. For thousands of years, beer was pure. It’s only since the Second World War industrial brewers began using additives, preservatives and other short-cuts. My major problem with the `pure’ campaigns is the implication the beers are new, and the only pure beers on the market. That’s simply not the case.”

The smaller brewers don’t think to say they are pure or preservative-free because that is just how beer should always have been made, he says.

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2 thoughts on “Amber fluid in green bottles”

  1. Luke is too modest (again) to mention his starring role in the article.I’m just wondering how old the file photo with the article is. That looks like Limburg Czechmate in the top left corner to me.

  2. I was wondering how long ago the article was written:<>Brewers Guild of New Zealand vice- president Luke Nicholas<>And I wonder what fridge that photo is of – the old Malthouse on Willis?Nice to see this article on Stuff. Someone hasn’t swallowed all of the marketing hype for once.

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