IMPortant Management and Marketing Tips

Realbeer’s very own Luke Nicholas has been profiled on the Management Focus website. In his case study, Luke explains how Epic has lifted its national brand profile despite having virtually no promotional budget. I’ve had to post this because Luke is far too modest to do it himself.

This approach, Luke concedes, is not easy and it takes time to build up. However, he does believe it is a way to build a brand with no cash. “I try hard to keep everything connected together but there are a number of different communication channels which people use in different ways. That is the way it is going to be in the future. My role is to ensure I keep coming back to the common interest – my beer. I guess I’m lucky as a closet computer geek that I have been able to bring my twin interests or obsessions of gadgets and beer together!” he laughs.

Glass Tip – Management Focus

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