Mega-bar owner not afraid to think big

Sale St, which opens this weekend, is Dallow’s latest venture. The 800-capacity venue marks a resurgence of the big bar concept, following the success of David Henderson’s SOL Square in Christchurch, and more recently, the 1500sq m Temperance in Wellington.

For Sale St, the team went to Perth before taking in similar concepts in places such as Las Vegas and Dublin. Grant Caunter, DB’s national concept development manager, said Perth does the big bar concept well, and much of Sale St was modelled on the city’s Little Creatures venue.

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2 thoughts on “Mega-bar owner not afraid to think big”

  1. “Much” of the bar was modelled on Little Creatures.I wonder how much of the beer will be modelled on that. Can Auckland support a pseudo-craft venture? Mainstream beer at craft beer prices? I reckon they’d be better opening a huge Tui barn.

  2. It is an interesting development. I don’t hold out a huge amount of hope, given that it’s DB behind it. Slightly odd location too, but I’ll probably wander down there at some stage.

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