Brewers fight rule requiring disclosure of fish bladders in beer

New Zealand brewers (1) are asking a trans-Tasman food regulator to stop making them warn drinkers they are using bits of fish bladder in the beer.

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) requires beer labels to warn consumers allergic to fish when the dried swim bladders, known as isinglass, from tropical fish have been used to clarify the beverage.

Now the Brewers Association of New Zealand (2) wants an exemption from the mandatory declaration for allergens in beer and wine.

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(1)are we assuming this is just Lion and DB or are the 49 other brewers inculded in this statement

(2)Brewers Association of New Zealand IS NOT the Brewers Guild of New Zealand

One thought on “Brewers fight rule requiring disclosure of fish bladders in beer”

  1. Having to declare something that shouldn’t even end up in the finished pint seems a little odd to me especially when the empty bottle of Pilsner Urquell in front of me makes no mention of yeast in its ingredients!

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