A Sunday Beer Sampler

There was a unique theme for the IRD Social Club beer tasting on Friday night:

Although the room was done up in its “traditional” Oktoberfest decorations consisting of German flags and pictures of David Hasselhoff with his shirt off, the actual theme for the tasting was quite different. For the first time ever, I was asked to present a flight of beers with “funny names and/or funny stories behind them.” It turned out to be a great theme.

I’m delighted to be the 23rd inductee into Adrienne Rewi’s series “Meet the People – Ordinary and Extraordinary New Zealanders Doing Interesting Things“:

When people ask acclaimed Wellington-based beer critic Neil Miller how he became a beer writer, he says he was simply an enthusiastic amateur lucky enough to turn professional. He says that while he had learnt how to research during six years at Parliament and how to speak through university debating, he hadn’t always appreciated good beer.

Bonus points for the use of “acclaimed”!

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  1. But points off for hosting the <>IRD<> Social Club. Uugh! One hesitates even to speculate as to which era the German flag represents.:-/

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