Beer O’Clock: The Shakespeare

I’d visited a few times and always enjoyed their beers. Sadly, a recent visit to “the Shake” confirmed reports that beer quality has been in a major slump for some quite time.

In order to get an overview of the beers, I ordered the tasting tray. The last time I was there I polished off the tray and had lengthy internal debates about which brews were my favourites. No such luck this time. I left most of my tray sitting on the table.

Here are my tasting notes from the latest visit:

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One thought on “Beer O’Clock: The Shakespeare”

  1. You have my full sympathy, I too am in a similar disappointing situation as my local (formerly the premier alehouse in the town) has recently sold out to Scottish and Newcastle and the most interesting beers in there these days are the ones where S&N cock up the order and something other than Greene King, Marstons or Directors turns up – for shame!

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