BEERVANA – Festive Brews – Be There OR Miss Out

Beervana is offering beer drinkers of New Zealand, not only the best selection of beers ever brought together under one roof in New Zealand, but a hand full of beers never seen before, especially in one place.

This is truly BEERVANA.

Festive Brews on offer

– Mussel Inn – a particularly special version of the Capt Cooker
– Aotearoa Breweries – Fejoa style MATA
– Epic Armageddon IPA – Double IPA
– Bennett’s Winter Ale – 6.8 % Winter Ale
– Emerson’s Special Reserve – Piny Stout aged in Pinot Barrels 5% Stout
– Yeastie Boys ‘Pot Kettle Black’ – American Porter
– Greenman – Whisky Bock – Doppelbock is matured in American oak.
– Twisted Hop – double IPA ‘Skull Buggery’ 8% Limited to 2 firkins only

Also over 20 breweries and beer distributors under one roof. That is nearly 100 different beers available to sample. Plus meet the brewers of these beers.

Session 1 – Friday 5th September from 4pm till 9pm
Session 2 – Saturday 6th September from 10am till 2pm
Session 3 – Saturday 6th September from 4pm till 9pm

$25 single session
$50 all sessions

Get a branded Beervana glass, with a sample line. Taste either 145ml samples or a full taste of 290ml

$125 – all drinks and eats are free. In addition to all the 100 beers on offer you also have access to a massive selection of over 200 beers from the entries of the BrewNZ International Beer Awards. That is up to 300 different beers you can try.

Overseas Terminal
New Zealand

Friday – 5th September 2008
Saturday – 6th September 2008
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Love Beer? Seek Beervana!

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