Beerly Tasting – But, wait, there’s more

The June session of the Cellar Vate beer tasting club looked at New Beers:

The June session of the Cellar Vate Beer Club took a look at a range of new beers. These were beers which have been recently arrived or have just arrived in New Zealand. No errant politicians interrupted the tasting this month which was a great relief.

I also ran a tasting at a company with a rapidly improving beer fridge, the famous Studio Pacific Architecture:

I’ve run beer tastings in breweries and board rooms, on top of a hill and around a pool but probably my favourite venue is still Studio Pacific Architecture in Wellington. Yet from the street, all that is visible is a door and some stairs.

Finally, some sad news for those us with a secret fondess for those bus stop beers, British MPs are looking to clamp down on super-strength lagers:

Fifty MPs have now signed an Early Day Motion (EDM) urging the Government to impose higher excise duty on super-strength lagers.

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