Beerly Tasting – Recent Tastings

The May Cellar Vate tasting was all about Winter Warmers and Imps:

It was appropriately freezing for the May Cellar Vate Beer Tasting which involved sampling a range of Winter Warmers. On the whole, winter beers tend to be darker, relatively robust and can have spices added for warmth and flavour. Often labeled “Winter Warmers”, English beer writer Michael Jackson rightly reminded us that winter beers “are as much a state of mind as a style.”

Next was a great little tasting at Thomsons:

On Thursday, I was delighted to return to the Thomson Corporation to present their second annual beer tasting to a great crowd. The quality of their beer fridge had dramatically lifted after the 2007 session and this time they wanted to try an even wider range of beer styles.

Finally for today, a tasting at The Treasury:

The theme of the tasting was a broad sample of styles but, given the date, a State of Origin twist was considered. Unfortunately, this was hampered by the distinct lack of quality beers available here from New South Wales and particularly Queensland.

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