Beerly Writing: Salient Points

From Victoria University’s student newspaper Salient, my beer column on Tui:

My historical research suggests a somewhat different course of events. The surge in Tui’s popularity was caused by clever marketing and aggressive sponsorship. It actually occurred despite the popularity of the drop at Palmerston North Polytech (known locally as Massey University). Young readers will need to know that this all happened back when Massey did not have more branches than Wishbone.

To redemn myself, the next column was on Mac’s Brewjolais:

In the 2006 vintage, the bitterness was more than noticeable –— it left your palate feeling like it had just poked Jerry Collins with a stick. I loved it. In 2007, the beer was more balanced but bordered on generic. This time, Mac’s have created a beer which tastes unique — it is one of the few beers which genuinely stands out from the crowd. It has recaptured the spirit of Brewjolais.

Finally, a warning about the increasing price of beer:

There is a clear and present danger that, in very near future, beer prices are going to rise higher than the waistline of Stephen Fleming’s pants on that terrible advert for heat pumps.

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