DB starts a beer blog

DB joins the internets with a monthly(?) blog. Is it a blog if you only post 12 times a year?

Beer Professor blog

So log in over the next few months as I blog about beer, post your comments, throw in your own ideas and read all about . . .

* Beer School 101 – a beer professor’s guide to the basics of beer
* Tapping into beer – how to pour the perfect pint and become a self-professed ‘beerista’
* Raising the bar – the essence of a great bar and how beer can become the star attraction
* Coming to your senses – how to really appreciate beer and tantalize your taste buds
* Inviting beer to dinner – tips for matching beer to food
* Tui-girl – fact or fiction? Who really wears the pants when it comes to brewing beer
* Handle with Care – tips for delivering the best of beer experiences for every drinker
* Mythbusters – the truth about beer bellies, health and our amber liquid

And plenty of other topics that pop up along the way.

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