DB Breweries incorporates two new joint venture companies

WTF – Sale Street Brewery, Auckland?????????????????

DB Breweries, a wholly owned subsidiary of Asia Pacific Breweries, has incorporated two new joint venture companies – Barworks Group and Sale Street Brewery.

Barworks is a partnership between DB and JAG Hospitality, a New Zealand bar operator. DB will inject approximately NZ$2.5million for its 60% stake in Barworks while JAG will invest approximately NZ$1.7 million for its 40% share in the company.

For its 60% stake in Sale Street Brewery, DB is investing NZ$528,000 while its partner, Curdall Investments, will pump in NZ$352,000 for a 40% shareholding in the bar and microbrewery on-premise outlet in Auckland.

Les Buckley, regional director of Asia Pacific Breweries, said: “DB’s investment in Barworks and Sale Street Brewery underlines its commitment to generate more value from its business by diversifying its revenue streams in the mature beer market of New Zealand.”

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  1. Yeh, apparently they’ve already purchased their hops – 100 grams of Pacific Gem, which should see them through their first 12 months.Honestly, I’m surprised it has taken this long. Mac’s must be killing Monteith’s, especially in growth, these days… the Monteith’s brand (besides the shoddy beer) seems pretty stale to me. Good luck to them – I hope they employ a decnt brewer in there somewhere…

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