Tomato sauce with beer – Yeah Right

A shout out and high five to Nick Rogers, dude you are a marketing genius, I hope your golden run continues. The people buying this get what they deserve, and I can hear you laughing your ass off from here. Fraking brilliant.


Tuimato Sauce – DB Breweries’ take on the Kiwi bloke’s quintessential condiment – is poised to hit supermarket shelves nationally after proving a massive hit in test marketing in the lower North Island.

More than 60,000 bottles have been sold from just 59 stores in the Wellington to Taupo and Gisborne area since February – making it the number two brand behind Wattie’s tomato sauce cans in the test market.


Omkar Rane, 23, CBD Auckland “Quite tangy, quite good.”

Sam Eg, 35, Grey Lynn “Normal taste, beautiful, a little bit sour … I like it.”

Lena Jeong, 22, CBD Auckland “A little bit sweeter … it’s nice, better than normal tomato sauce, nicer texture.”

Jim, 60+, Auckland “Hard to tell the difference, it’s quite ordinary.”

Denise Porsch, 25, Brazil “Too sweet, can’t taste the alcohol, just tastes normal … maybe a fan of tomato sauce would love it.”

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