Beerly Writing and Beerly Tasting

The latest column from the Wellingtonian newspaper looks at some of the beers that didn’t make it.

New beers continue to spring up to take their place and the overall selection for consumers is steadily growing. That does not stop me occasionally pausing to raise a glass to some of those beers which didn’t make it.

In the Free Radical, an article on beer and food including a recipe from that annoying guy who hosts the otherwise excellent Iron Chef:

It is unclear exactly when New Zealander’s decided that pouring a bottle of wine into a stew was classy but using a cup of ale in a sauce was not. Certainly, the Belgian, Germans and French would laugh at our notion that only wine could be used as an ingredient when cooking. When the Germans are laughing at you then it is clear you have a problem.

Finally, a full report from the All Hail Pale Ale tasting at Cellar Vate which featured two guest presenters.

The voting was briefly interrupted by an unscheduled appearance from Rodney Hide MP who was in the building for a television show. While seemingly baffled by proceedings, he was adamant that everyone in the room had to vote for Act.

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