Craft Brewers Conference in San Diego

[Photo: Tomme Arthur, from Port Brewing / Lost Abbey Brewing and Luke Nicholas, at the San Diego Beer Community Convergence, at Karl Strauss Brewing Company]

Here are a few links of images of the recent Craft Brewers Conference held in San Diego.

Since I lost my camera, I don’t have any photos to share but Jay Brooks has done an awesome job with photos and highlights.

Craft Brewers Conference in San Diego Begins
Craft Brewers Conference Welcome in San Diego
An Evening at Karl Strauss Breweries
Karl Strauss website [with photos]
Random Days of CBC 2008
World Beer Cup Gala Dinner 2008

This is a photo of the 100 taps on the temporary bar setup at the resort for the Craft Brewers Conference, opening hours 10pm – 1am. There was just one keg per tap, of beers from San Diego and Northern Californian Breweries. It made a pleasant finish to every evening.

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