Monteith’s – gone from focus to greed

My issue is that the people at DB Breweries (Monteith’s owners) have gone from focus to greed. The brand seems to have done well as a ‘mass-boutique’, positioning on its authentic West Coast origins and its crafting of a very likable beer range. Now they’ve launched ‘Monteith’s New Zealand Lager’ and all of a sudden the brand focus is shifted from authentic west coast to premium national lager, including jumping on the naturally brewed band-wagon!

The brand gurus are quick to point to big brand disasters after the fact but slow to predict mistakes before they happen. Well I predict this latest addition to the Monteith’s family won’t work because it’s not focused on the brand’s core success factors.

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One thought on “Monteith’s – gone from focus to greed”

  1. Interesting. This beer has not long been on our shores of little Rarotonga. Was selling at $29 a case. As a local brewery it’s really hard to compete with those sorts of prices when we have to bring in ingredients from overseas. Power not cheap too! Thank goodness for connotations of ‘Premium’ and ‘Local’

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