Top 6 – Best Beer Supermarkets in New Zealand

Up till now I hadn’t really thought much about supermarkets offering the best available selection of beer in New Zealand. As of late though with more of my time looking for the better supermarkets to get Epic stocked in I have become aware that there are some that may possibly be the best outlets for beer in the country.

Supermarkets in New Zealand have only been selling beer for 8 years, so not long. Most only range a selection of mainstream brands (local and imported), and a very limited selection of styles.

Yes that means it is all lager, and near-lager beers (i.e. NZ mainstream draught beers). Especially poor for selection is Foodtown/Countdown which is run by a computer program which is only one step removed from SkyNet, as it ranges beers based on % of shelf space and turnover, not what the customer wants.

The owners and liquor buyers on this Top 6 list show real vision and foresight to stock interesting and hard to find beers from around New Zealand and the world. With special interest in supporting the fledgling craft brewing industry.

Top Six Best Beer Supermarkets in New Zealand

1. New World Blenheim

2. Fresh Choice Springlands, Blenheim

[I would like to give a big shout out to Geoff Griggs who has single handedly influenced these top two supermarkets into there fantastic range of beers, and has educated the people of Marlborough who are willing to buy and sample from this extensive range of beers]

3. Island Bay New World, Wellington

4. New World Hasting City

5. New World Victoria Park, Auckland

6. Center City New World, Dunedin

There maybe some other gems out there so please let me know in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Top 6 – Best Beer Supermarkets in New Zealand”

  1. Missing from your list (to make a top eight) are FreshChoice Parklands and FreshChoice Merivale, both in Christchurch.

  2. i would agree with brett merivale fresh choice and parklands fresh choice have great beer departments. merivale would the best beer department i have seen well worth a look

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