Hug your yeast!

SOBA Homebrewer of the Year, Barry Hannah, brings this morning’s fun little diversion…

Don’t you just love yeast? Those magical beasties are responsible for turning that sweet malty liquid, infused with hops, into a tasty beverage fit for kings! Nobody used to know what made wort ferment into beer. It was assumed to be magic or a gift from a god – hence its early name; “Godisgoode”. Thanks to science, we now know exactly what our single celled friends are and what they do for us. But, what can we do for them?

The answer? Hug them!


2 thoughts on “Hug your yeast!”

  1. I’ve got one on my living room mantle that I bought a few years ago at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. Who wouldn’t want to hug brewer’s yeast?!

  2. I have one too and he is very cute. I call him Crobie (short for “microbe”).He is educational too – I use him at beer tasting and training sessions. He is a hit!

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