Best of Beer

My first Wellingtonian beer column for 2008 is about the Very Best of 2007. It covers my top ten New Zealand beers for the year as well as awards for the best Wellington bars and bottle stores.

As is becoming traditional in this column, I have compiled a list of my favorite New Zealand beers of 2007. There is no pretension these are necessarily the “best”, they are simply the beers I enjoyed the most last year.

Glass Tip – The Wellingtonian newspaper for permission to republish here

An early front runner for best beer writing of 2008 has to be this offering about Hofbrau from Aaron Watson:

I first saw it two years ago in a restaurant, a tap with a large HB emblazoned on it and the word Hofbrau. Immediately, I thought of David Hasselhoff. But I didn’t let that put me off and bravely ordered a stein. Like David, it was light tan and had a big head.

Glass Tip – The Capital Times

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