Top 6 – Pseudo Imported Beers

It seems a shame that the large brewers of this country have had to license international brands to produce here because NZ’ers won’t drink the locally brewed beers. Is this a reflection of the recipes the local brewers had come up with like Steinlager? or the use of the local malt and hops?(Maybe). Then again Kiwi Lager was a pretty good beer back in the early 90’s before Heineken told DB they would have to drop it if they wanted to be able to brew Heineken.

Top 6 [in the order of volume?]

Heineken – DB, Auckland

Stella Artois – Lion, Auckland

Guinness – Lion, Christchurch

Kilkenny – Lion, Christchurch

Carlsberg – Independent, Auckland

Tuborg – Independent, Auckland

The list could be longer but I had to pick six. But don’t forget Amstel, Amstel Light and Orangeboom are also brewed in New Zealand now.

I think the introduction of Steinlager Pure has been the largest success of the NZ beer market in the last 10 years. Kiwi’s want a beer they can call their own. But for the longest time they tried to drink Steinlager, but the headaches just made it too hard. Now that the beer has been reformulated and has a flavour profile and drinkability very similar to Heineken it is a winner.

How to vote on this one?? Would you even want to? What is your top Pseudo Imported Beer in New Zealand, give it a go.

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