Beer Haiku – Christmas Edition

Even though I have not yet heard Snoopy’s Christmas in the shops, it is clear that Christmas is approaching. Captain Hops has a gift for us all – a seasonal Haiku he called “Freudian Slip“:

Trimming the tree
Loaded with beer… er, I mean…
Loaded with cheer

Glass Tip – Those jolly fellows at Beer Haiku Daily

And in the semi-regular Beer in the Media Watch section, while most of the attention this week has been on the beer and food article in the New Zealand Herald, it probably escaped most people’s attention that craft beer turned up in – of all places – the Education Review.

When asked what three items he would take into orbit, Darel Hall (the often photographed communications manager for Competenz and political aspirant) listed “access to the world’s libraries, my favorite librarian and a very large keg of Tuatara Pilsner. And Facebook.”

A fine choice of beer.

Politics surely must be in his future – when asked for three items he listed four things.

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