I thought posting this might be fun just to see what comments we got. Not sure if this was a joke posting or a serious one. Read and make up your own mind, and please post your comments.


The number one reason is that you are drinking a beer made from an accelerated brewing process.

This is a practice carried out by the major breweries to make a brew in about ten days as opposed to the 30 days used by Craft Brewers and also Guinness.

How they do it is they use copious quantities of liquid sugar.

That’s why some people have big fat guts, shocking red noses, capillaries, jowls and die young. While other serious drinkers who drink naturally brewed beers are skinny and look healthy.

Doctors tell us that liquid sugar in bulk brewed beers is the main cause of hangovers which more specifically is dehydration in our systems and this not only leads to our feeling parched and having headaches, it also shrivels up our kidneys like walnuts, turns our liver into boot leather and it also causes diabetes and heart disease.

Then we die young, quite often lingering painful deaths.

But hang on; … Most of us enjoy a beer and we don’t want to get crook or die young??

Well drink a naturally brewed craft beer.

All brews from The West Coast Brewery DO NOT HAVE LIQUID SUGAR.

• West Coast Draught
• West Coast Black
• West Coast Classic Lager
• West Coast Pure Gold
• Green Fern Certified Organic
• Good Bastards Dark Ale
• Good Bastards Lager


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7 thoughts on “WHY YOU GET CROOK ON BEER”

  1. WHERE DO YOU START? Doctors tell us that liquid sugar in bulk brewed beers is the main cause of hangovers which more specifically is dehydration in our systems. WHICH DOCTORS SAY THIS? (PICS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN)LIQUID SUGAR IS A DIURETIC?

  2. Hah! So that’s why, when I was in the US I ended up losing weight. (I lived with some guys who love good beer for 3 years, in Portland, Oregon. We had the good micros, not crap like budweiser/etc)

  3. I’m no rocket scientist on the subject, but I would have thought there was very little sugar left in the brew once the yeast had had it’s evil way.Then again, what is ‘liquid sugar’ exactly?

  4. I’m no rocket scientist on the subject but I would have thought there wasn’t a lot of sugar, liquid or otherwise, left in the brew* by the time the yeast has had it’s evil way.Then again, just what is ‘liquid sugar’?(*apart from in some of those crap American concoctions ;^)

  5. Yeah right. It isnt the fact that alcohol is toxic that makes you crook its the sugar. Bollocks. Budweiser is brewed to have acetaldehyde in it (god knows why) that will give you a hangover. It was probibly a doctor of philosophy.

  6. Ian: There is sugar and there is sugar. After the yeast has finished with the fermentable stuff (short chain molecules, easy to digest… yummy!) there are still a lot of unfermentable sugars left in beer. If there weren’t, it would have very little “body”, and, in short, be like drinking water (or Budweiser! ;))

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