Final Salient Columns for 2007

Here are the final two Salient columns for the year. The first is my own personal beer awards for the best and worst of 2007:

Beers I wrote about too much this year
Flame – least deserving cult since Social Credit.
Mash – though it was the first ever beer review to mention Chuck Norris.
Budweiser – so many words on so little flavour.

The absolute last column compiled some highlights from the year:

There were many memorable metaphors including “the [Mount Street Café] balcony is nominally smoke-free but I saw more smoke there than the J-Day organizing committee watching a Bob Marley marathon” and “just like an emo’s poetry, beers tend to get darker in winter”. In this post-world cup world, the joke about “telling students where to drink can be a bit like telling the French how to surrender – it can feel just a little redundant” does not work.

2 thoughts on “Final Salient Columns for 2007”

  1. ow, neil, i liked your joke about unintentionally onomatopoeic, at the time as well. the thought had occurred to me years ago that resches was a pretty risky thing to call a beer.good news about mash – and predictable too. i couldn’t figure out even when they released it who it was supposed to appeal to. it always seemed doomed. and good german by the way, it’s even grammatical!! (i think). speaking of cheap beer, i was in germany in 2001/2 when they were changing over from cans that you didn’t return to ones that had (by law) to be returnable. it meant the supermarkets were getting rid of all the old cans in a hurry before 1 january ticked over. as a consequence, i was able to pick up such respectable lagers as holsten for 25c a 500ml can, and such unrespectable ones as Lidl own brand for 2c a can. 4 beers for 8c (or 16 new zealand cents!). might not have been great, but i can assure you it was better than MASH…..Ed

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