Beerly Writing

From the Free Radical, I have the invididual freedom to reproduce this article about American beers:

This is not what I expect or want from the greatest nation on the planet. The country which invented muscle cars, cheese burgers, smart missiles and Pamela Anderson’s red swimsuit should not be represented by such timid brews. These are beers designed by committees with recipes written by accountants.

And from the Wellingtonian newspaper, I have permission to post this article on the Monteith’s Wild Food Challenge:

That said, the pillow of potatoes still stole the show. They were rich, light and fluffy. It was like snogging an angel. Sure, the butter needed to get such a marvelous texture was probably peeling days off my life but it was completely worth it. As a card-carrying carnivore, I don’t usually talk about mashed potatoes in such a way.

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