Westcoast Brewing plans $100m growth

Founder and director Paddy Sweeney – self-dubbed “good bastard”, author and raconteur – said Westcoast Brewing was aiming to have 40 bars and restaurants in Australia and New Zealand over five years, and was eyeing Britain and the United States.

The company capitalises on the image of West Coast legends and larrikins, of being politically incorrect, relating to the average person and creating a common man’s brand.

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5 thoughts on “Westcoast Brewing plans $100m growth”

  1. I can’t believe the NZ media would actually pick up this press release with out doing any research. What he is saying is just a bunch of spin and media hype, this guy is going no where. $100 million ha. Heineken invested $60 mil in DB for state of the art brewery, and new offices at the Waitamata plant and they have 35% market share in NZ. Maybe they could pay $50,000 and actually get a decent brewer to start with.

  2. anonymous,,yeah,, I thought this initiative sounded too good for NZ.No one in business is talking this big any more.Labour has been fighting tooth and nail to keep this kind of business confidence out of the country for years.

  3. Yes, I’ve tasted a West Coast brew. I was proud to have a ratebeer comment quoted in an Australian paper (Brisbane’s Courier Mail) by some dork who thought we should be thankful that organic beer was here at all – and not hassle them about the quality.I scored it 2.0/5.0.Here’s the fluff (as seen on ratebeer):Tasted 02/01/2005. 330ml bottle from Commonsense Organics.Darkish gold, hazy, with an off-white disappearing head. No lace. Tiny bubbles. Loads of honey and grass on the nose, not all that pleasant, with a little lemony and herbal note underneath. Sweet sugary, slightly cidery, flavour with a short, but strong, grassy bitterness in the finish. Light-medium weight with a prickly, burpy, carbonation. Organic lager for hippies who would otherwise drink an average mainstream lager.Hopefully they’ll improve. I’m all for an excellent WestCoast Brewery supplying excellent West Coast beer to West Coasters (with maybe the odd bottle or keg making it this way).

  4. I’ve tried a few of the beers in the range. I thought they were generally pretty good. The organic one was actually pretty nice. We had a few at work to try and that seemed to be the general favourite. Depending on price, I’d buy it.

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