Hallertau comes to Hamilton

Hamilton just became a better place to be for some of us. The Ruakura Campus Club is about to get Hallertau beers on tap.

The Club might be Hamilton’s best kept beer secret, and I had to check with the Club’s “beer coordinator” (and keen SOBA member) Neale Towers, before I let people in on this but I thought it was too good to keep to myself.

The beers on will be Luxe, a delicious, delicately fruity Kölsch-style Ale, Copper Tart, a traditional Irish Red ale, which has the hops to balance its malt driven nature, and Statesman, an American Pale Ale, refreshing in its citrus hop burst.

The Club is open to members and their guests only, but if you live in Hamilton and enjoy a good beer, it’s one of only a few places which will satisfy, so consider joining…

4 thoughts on “Hallertau comes to Hamilton”

  1. That should make your happy Greig! No more two hour drives ;-)Or just make it all easier and move to Wellington… the sensible thing to do really.

  2. …and with the Cock and Bull here (admittedly it is quicker for me to get to Te Awamutu than to the Cock), a Belgian Beer Cafe franchise, and one of the best beer stores in the country in Hamilton Wine Company, I guess you’re right.Wellington is still awesome though. ;)

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